Public relations by means of Internet technologies

Marketing specialists can competently identify the target audience and establish direct contact with potential and existing customers and consumers by means of Internet technologies. This contributes to the timely detection of problems in the company and customers’ needs.

Public relations events are aimed at creating and maintaining a favorable public image of the company, its products and services.

The main functions of public relations based on the use of Internet technologies are:

• to raise awareness of consumers and buyers about the company, its products and services;

• to create a favorable company image;

• to build up special trust-based relationship between the company and its contact audiences;

• to maintain the reputation of the company at the adequate level;

• to expand the boundaries of the company’s influence on the consumers.

Usually, such activities on the Internet are:

– creation and maintenance of the site;

– interaction with the media over the Internet;

– monitoring web forums and participation in them;

– creation of events and their coverage.

Companies publish press releases:

– in traditional media;

– on their own and news sites;

– on Internet resources for the media, the content of which is press-releases;

– on variety of popular online resources focused on the core audience: become sponsors of known sites.

Press releases inform about the financial activities of the company, various charity events in which it participates, sponsorship of various events, new products, services and so on.

Publishing press releases on specialized sites (e.g., plays an important role in promoting the company’s products and services, helps to spread company news globally.

Thousands of Internet news sites around the world are turning to such specialized PR sites for relevant and up-to-date information and use interesting press releases in their publications.

The site can publish press releases for the African market,—for the market of the United Arab Emirates.

Distribution of press releases can be carried out by using customers’ databases or by turning to PR agencies.

Thus it is necessary to choose the appropriate agencies that will provide reports indicating the number of publications, specific reference to them, the potential target audience etc.

Interesting company news published on social networks (, and others), can quickly reach the target audience with minimal promotion and influence the substantial sales increase.

It is recommended to contact the bloggers who report news about new products and services to target audiences.

Site plays one of the important functions in the public relations activities. The main functions of the site are the image and communicative.

The site of the company may contain such structural sections, as a specialized chat room and forum for visitors and customers, where employees interact with customers in a timely manner to respond to their needs, learn about the preferences of customers, get feedback about products and services.

In addition, employees of the company may conduct surveys among visitors to determine the negative aspects in the activities of the company and the availability of dissatisfaction regarding company products (services) and service.

It is recommended to have high-quality design for the corporate website to build up competitive image of the company, site that is easy to navigate and with interesting content to potential and existing customers and consumers, professional site support.

Besides, the domain name of the site should be easy to memorize and to type by Internet users. If the online project is linked to information on mobile banking, then as a domain name, you can select It should be noted that the prestigious domain names are sold at the famous auction No doubt that buying a domain will require additional costs. Therefore, they must be justified.

Sponsoring good internet projects has a positive impact on the company’s image.

In addition, you can contact the agencies that will be able to analyze information about the company on the Internet to identify the negative reviews and undertake appropriate measures for their elimination and prevention.

Such agencies collect, process and analyze data using specialized software. The Company needs to respond promptly and reasonably to negative reviews published on the Internet, taking into account the opinion of the target audience.

Thus, using Internet technologies public relations can quickly deliver information to the target audience at minimal cost on its distribution and get the right answer. But to achieve this you need to competently develop the plan of activities and justify its stages.