Business in the UAE

Starting a business in the UAE has been largely a favorable aspect with individuals local and foreign alike. This has been mainly fueled by the fact that the scheduled guidelines for operating the businesses have been set at a vantage point which builds investment opportunities. There are 5 modes through which individuals can start a business anywhere in Dubai;

• Creation of a permanent establishment

This is where there are 7 varied methods that can be adopted including General partnerships, Joint participation or ventures, Limited partnerships, Public Joint stock companies, Private Joint Stock companies, Limited liability companies and partnerships limited with shares.

• Establishing a branch office

This caries the same legal mandate and identity as the parent firm.

• Creation of an entity in UAE Free Zone

The UAE free zone is an attractive market for foreign investors looking to start their business.

• Creating a civil company

With this, individuals can become traders who are able to operate under a license.

• Entering a commercial agent agreement

A commercial agent agreement is designed and interpreted in such a way that a foreign company marks its presence in UAE by having an agent in UAE who has the license to distribute and sell the products or services.

Individuals should be aware that the UAE Commercial Company Law dictates that 51% of capital in the business should be handled by 1 or more UAE nationals with the exemption of companies dealing in the Oil industry, gas and electricity production and water treatment.