E-commerce capabilities to promote brand-products

A great number of companies that offer products under exclusive brands in different markets do not use capabilities of e-commerce in full. And this is essential and quite appropriate for companies brand owners.

Such capabilities lie in the functioning of e-shop where customer can purchase the requested product without intermediaries and receive it by mail in almost any country in the world.

In addition, company actively informs existing and potential customers in various markets about the opportunity to buy goods directly from their e-shop.

Awareness raising is carried out through traditional advertising, online advertising, by using methods of sales promotion and public relations activities (press releases) either globally and locally. Hence companies are advised to pay close attention to the communication policy.

Grounded usage of e-commerce will provide effective tools for the brand owners to fight against counterfeiters, cause existing and potential customers will be aware regarding opportunity to purchase the requested product directly with the assured quality.

Given the fact that counterfeit goods can be sold even in distributors’ shops, such assured quality from the official e-shop of the brand owner will be one of the fundamental bases during promo campaign of the manufacturer in different countries.

However, depending on the sales markets, there are some problems while using local promotion of e-shops, which deal with the problems of logistics, political, legal and economic environment of a particular state. In response to these issues it is recommended to analyze in details the existing aspects in order to minimize the possible consequences, i.e. to conduct marketing research.

Therefore the following relevant possibilities of e-commerce usage can be emphasized:

– quick local markets entry;

– wide reach to target audience at local and foreign markets;

– effective counteraction against sellers of counterfeit goods under the respective brands;

– cost optimization for the business organization and operation;

– activities with no intermediaries;

– needs of existing and potential customers are covered at better level and business processes of the company is based on the concept of relationship marketing.

Global corporations and small businesses can use the potential of e-commerce for dynamic development of their business both locally and globally.