Prospects for United Arab Emirates – Africa cooperation on information technology basis

UAE Business Magazine

Possible avenues for cooperation between United Arab Emirates and African countries are the following:

Electronic government. Best practices of United Arab Emirates in field of state governance that are based on information technology usage can be applied in African countries.

In addition to the above United Arab Emirates with consent of national governments can quickly modernize and rebuild information realm of African states.

The main benefits for Africans are based on cutting-edge practices that will boost state development.

There are benefits for United Arab Emirates too, like access to natural resources, trading, and closer partnership development.

Exhibitions that are held in United Arab Emirates attract a lot of attention among African state agencies and national companies.

In that context assistance in developing African states will extend comprehensive facilities of United Arab Emirates.

Trading. Companies from United Arab Emirates may develop electronic trading platform to exhibit African goods and in such manner it helps African producers to reach overseas markets with unique goods that will be new and interesting for foreign customers. Brokered and assisted by leading United Arab Emirates companies African goods trading will go smoothly and safely through all stages of merchandise transactions.

Tourism. In case of well-thought-out business plan we can expect increase in amount of tourists to African states via transport hubs and tourist services of United Arab Emirates. Influential companies of United Arab Emirates may open the door to wild and exotic world of Africa to millions of tourists. In this regard creation of African Tourism Internet Portal looks promising.

However, as the first step to take African states need correspondent investments in tourist infrastructure that guarantees comfort and safety.

Thus detailed study of cooperation prospects with selected African states and risks assessment should be considered as a basis for future cooperation.