March Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea cement and clinker prices fall, East Africa CFR prices recover

On a monthly basis, cement and clinker FOB prices continue to drop, according to the CW Research’s March update to Persian Gulf – Arabian Sea and East Africa Cement and Clinker price assessment.

In March 2016, Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea cement FOB prices contracted 1.1 percent, compared to the previous month, while clinker FOB prices for prompt cargoes declined almost 2 percent. In East Africa, CFR prices for cement increased by almost 5 percent.

Moreover, the monthly report sees that the shipping indices have consistently increased since February.

CW Research’s March update includes highlights on the Iraqi cement market affected by the Iranian cement imports and on the lobbying of Saudi Arabian cement producers for amendments to the new export rules with negative impact on the balance between the region’s demand and supply.

CW Research’s leading role in the global cement and clinker sector forms the underpinning for the monthly price assessment. Price points are based on the analyst team’s on-going discussions with cement traders, producers, exporters and other stakeholders in the business and reflect a synthesis of actual traded cargos.

The full monthly update is available as an annual subscription in individual or corporate license forms. For questions and orders, please contact Liviu Dinu, Market Services & Marketing Consultant, CW Group (Europe), at, or +40-744-67-44-11.