RATP Dev and Zain Capital form new UAE company to support expansion of public transport in the country

April 26, 2016 UAE Business 0

RATP Dev – the international subsidiary of RATP Group, the French state-owned public transport operator and one of the largest public transport operators in the world – and Zain Capital LLC, part of the Lakhraim Business Group, have announced the establishment of a new joint venture company in the UAE. RATP Dev Transportation LLC is being set up in Abu Dhabi to serve the growing needs of the UAE for advanced public transportation solutions. Read more

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Insuring flooding in Gulf Cooperation Council states

April 19, 2016 UAE Business 0

In February 2016 Dubai city of the United Arab Emirates is hit by unprecedented flooding. It wasn’t that much common phenomenon and not expected to happen in this warm climate global tourist destination. But the event has transmitted a message for regional insurers on how they deal with such events. Read more

Skyline of Downtown Dubai with Burj Khalifa from a Helicopter. 27 May 2015. Author Tim Reckmann.

Investor’s Report 2016 from Espace Real Estate

April 15, 2016 UAE Business 0

Executive Summary. The world economy is in turmoil – oil prices are approaching record lows, the stock markets are tumbling. It seems like terminal bad news from an economic and investment point of view. But it needn’t be so. Investors need safe bets for their money in troubled times, and this report lays out the vibrancy of the economy in Dubai, notably the buoyancy of the property market. Despite a recent correction in prices, Espace Real Estate has noticed an increase in activity and completions since the turn of the year, a finding backed up by a number of industry experts. Read more

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Trends of Digital Advertising in UAE

April 15, 2016 UAE Business 0

UAE is part of the MENA’s (Middle East and North Africa) 19 countries. MENA’s economy is the world’s 29th largest. If you happen to consider the UAE as new horizons for your business, it is important to understand its digital trends, behaviors and characteristics that make advertising easy, quick and effective. Read more

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Iran’s Petrochemical Industry Provides Unbridled Growth Opportunity for Development across its Value Chain – Finds Frost & Sullivan

April 14, 2016 UAE Business 0

The lifting of over a decade long sanctions on Iran has attracted huge international interests onto Iran. A huge domestic market characterised by a 79-million strong population adds to Iran’s geographical advantageous location in the Middle East which in turn gives it access to strategic maritime passages making it a viable market for global access and hence increased investment potential. Development of the petrochemical value chain is one of the most promising avenues that is expected to significantly add value to its non-oil economy. Read more