Trends of Digital Advertising in UAE

UAE is part of the MENA’s (Middle East and North Africa) 19 countries. MENA’s economy is the world’s 29th largest. If you happen to consider the UAE as new horizons for your business, it is important to understand its digital trends, behaviors and characteristics that make advertising easy, quick and effective.

Mobile video advertising. Consumption of mobile video has grown rapidly. This has given advertisers a chance to reach their target consumers who pay attention to the advertisement videos. Tablet and smartphone video consumption has grown to 400% by 2015, and online video accounts for 30% of this. The fast coverage of 4G/LTE has been a reason behind. The penetration of household internet in UAE is the region’s 3rd highest, after Bahrain and Qatar, and ranks 10th globally. Affordable internet has also promoted consumption of mobile video. Mobile video consumers are a confined/captive audience. When their eyes are on their smartphones, nothing can distract them. This is a great opportunity for you Use the ads for mobile video and benefit from their undivided attention.

Native advertising. Native ads can be long-form info-graphics, videos or blog posts whose aim is to entertain, inspire and educate people without promoting a product directly. The advertisements emulate their site’s style and content. Commonly, these native ads have tags with disclaimers like ‘paid post’, ‘promoted by’, or ‘sponsored by’. The ‘salesy’ content of some ads put many millennials off. This makes native advertisement as the best advertising option.

Behavioral data. Behavioral data enables you to target your right customers only, rather than a large consumer set. Commonly, advertisers target websites where most of their customers hung out. But behavioral data allows you to focus only on people you are interested in. For instance, a provider of behavioral targeting profiles a group, for example, mothers with children under 5 years, based on the online searches analysis, habits of internet browsing and purchasing history. If you want to target a specific group of consumers, this trend will help you save a lot of money and energy.