Illegal Market In Dubai Trades Rotten Food To Workers

A report from the Municipality officials in Dubai claims that about 35 tons of unfit food was ceased from prohibited sellers at the cities temporal markets. On the 27th, prohibited traders at Muhaisnah were caught red-handed selling food – dominated by meat and poultry, which was unwholesome for consumption. The illegal traders and their unfit food were discovered through an unannounced public health inspection.

After a public announcement of the incident and cautioning the health risk of workers who eat from the food sold by these traders, it is quiet unimaginable that workers in Dubai are putting deaf ears on the situation. Workers are still purchasing food from illegal markets.

The Director of Public Health and Safety Department at the Dubai Municipality mentioned that most migrants and people who work as laborers in Dubai do prefer to spend less on food. From the public perspective, the rationale behind that due to the fact that most workers aim to save more of their income rather than eating healthy and living good. Due to this practice of workers in Dubai, food vendors arrange their food stuffs or set up their stores at a vantage point where workers have quick and easy access to, then they sell their food at a very low price which attract the workers.

The Dubai municipality, with support from the Police and Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, carried out this unannounced inspection at a location closer to an accommodation occupied by workers. According to the Director of Public Health and Safety Department at the Dubai Municipality, about 23 unannounced inspection such as these have been executed this year – at different locations in the city. He added that these exercise of unannounced inspections are necessary to drive away these traders and also prevent the trade of products that do not meet official/endorsed health standards.

Previous inspections executed by the department resulted in the discovery of traders who were selling vegetables products that had passed their expiry dates and also rotten fish and fruits. Additionally, the ceased processed food items that had prohibited ingredients or chemicals in their processing or manufacturing.

Taken with Lumia Selfie
by Amponsem Joshua