New Standards in Dubai Set to Redesign Grocery Stores by 2018

The Department of Economic Development (DED) on Saturday released new requirement for grocery stores in Dubai. Per the requirement, all stores will have an unvarying look with a defined interior and exterior design. From now until July 2016, active grocery stores in Dubai will have to make plans to conform to the new standards, the DED announced. The department added that, July 2016 is the effective date for the commencement of the new store requirement. Grocery stores in Dubai will have a period of two (2) years to respond and meet the new requirement. By mid-2018, all existing stores and new grocery stores will have to meet this requirement.

Customers shop at a grocery store in Dubai February 1, 2011. REUTERS/Jumana El Heloueh
Customers shop at a grocery store in Dubai February 1, 2011. REUTERS/Jumana El Heloueh

When asked the reason behind the newly launched standards, the DED declared that the standards are important to ameliorate quality in service for the general public in Dubai. Also, the DED is targeting to attract more shoppers internationally and even within the emirates. Already, Dubai is receiving more shoppers and known as one of the world’s preferred shopping destination.

As part of the reform of the new standards – including change in interior and exterior will see a common logo for all groceries, new fittings and lighting, a unified business identity, common colour scheme, signage, exterior finish and a storage area. In addition to the DED, grocery stores in Dubai will also have to meet the requirements of the department of Health and General Safety of the Dubai Municipality which includes basic global health standards for shopping malls – personal hygiene, washrooms, storage, first aid kits, product display and many others.

A statement by the CEO of the Business Registration and Licensing sector in DED, Omar Bu Shahbab, explained that; through the new requirements, DED is looking up to make a huge progress in Dubai’s renowned shopping experience and also helping the stores to acknowledge the development and progress made by the city with regards to infrastructure and quality in service provision. He added that, the initiative is part of the emirate’s policy to promote competition in the business sectors and also satisfying demands of local shoppers and international visitors. He added that, there are over 2,800 grocery stores in Dubai who will have to adhere to this makeover. The number keeps increasing as there is a high business opportunity and profit based market for grocery store owners in the city.

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by Amponsem Joshua