Arabia CSR Forum is the Most Premier Sustainability Platform in the Region

August 22, 2016 UAE Business 0

The challenge of advancing and innovating towards a better livelihood while shielding the earth’s natural resources has confronted governments, policy makers, environmentalists, corporates and communities for years. Though an inclusive global agenda is in place, namely the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Arabia CSR Network has for years focused on correlating these to regional initiatives. Read more

Tech Meet-Ups are Boosting the IT Sector

August 19, 2016 UAE Business 0

In recent decade, Information Technology has grew much more than many sectors of businesses with social media being the king among all other norms of life. People are using social media to communicate their dreams and lifestyle while businessmen and cooperate organizations are doubling and tripling their markets through social media advertisement. It is very interesting to note that almost everyone living in a town or city still keeps a social image which portrays their dream and what they want to achieve. Read more