Emirate Aircraft from India catch fire prior to landing at Dubai Airport

Boeing 777 jet (Emirate’s EK521)  which was making a flight from Trivandrum International Airport (India) to Dubai Airport (UAE) has encountered a clash right before landing at the Dubai Airport. The Emirates flight is witnessed to have caught fire while in air – with witnesses at the airport saying that smoke was seen around the plane even before landing. It is known that the flight captain gave an emergency signal just about when EK521 was supposed to be getting ready for landing.


Dubai airport which is a transit and destination airport to many business men, traders, and tourists is now under emergency to secure the Boeing 777 aircraft and evacuate passenger while delaying other flights and travellers until further notice (an expected 4 hours network delay).


Officials in Dubai has confirmed the incident which happened around 13:00 local time and has has made known that the flight which had 300 people on board (282  passenger and 18 crew) have not recorded any death, or severe fatalities upon the accident. All 300 people have been evacuated safely. Emirates officials has also mentioned that the source of the accident has not yet been discovered.


Originally, the  Boeing 777 jet had been scheduled to arrive in Dubai International Airport at 12:50 (which is quiet close to about 13:10 when the plane caught fire) after leaving India’s  Trivandrum International Airport at 10:19.

Media trending on social media illustrates the plane landing in a very poor state and bursting a fire shot right after evacuation was exercised. Current images shows that the upper section of EK521 actually burned into flames after crash landing. Travel Extra agency has confirmed that the flight was carrying 4 Irish.