Tech Meet-Ups are Boosting the IT Sector

In recent decade, Information Technology has grew much more than many sectors of businesses with social media being the king among all other norms of life. People are using social media to communicate their dreams and lifestyle while businessmen and cooperate organizations are doubling and tripling their markets through social media advertisement. It is very interesting to note that almost everyone living in a town or city still keeps a social image which portrays their dream and what they want to achieve.

This events has called for the interest in many young academicians to branch to the sector of Information Technology with most formerly specializing in hardware, and networking, and a recent increase in software development and the youth now more focusing on mobile applications. With this, there has been an increase in most people to set up tech firms and companies.

GITEX has been organizing series of technology week celebrations at different locations which attracts IT experts, investors, software developers, and other tech enthusiast to meet up, network, share and learn new developments in the field of Information Technology and associated innovations.

Indeed, most people are successful and recent reports showcasing that cooperate organizations and entrepreneurs are paying up to Dh 15,000 monthly to their social media managers to maintain their social media accounts and additional to add a unique way of advertisement to their social media platforms. With these figures of payments, one might think that all social media and tech graduates have a good prospect but unfortunately, it is not so for everyone.

Launching a tech start-Up is not easy and developing a good user-friendly software/ mobile application could be tiring. However, partaking and joining innovation hubs and other camps that brings together effective working group in the field of Information Technology.

In previous times, GITEX have been organizing its Technology week which has been a phenomenal meet up and exhibition event for Tech learners, traders, investors, ventures, inventors and developers. Having a keen focus on Africa, UAE, and South Asia, GITEX have offered so many early entrepreneurs, companies and tech start-ups to realize their potentials and get the right audience. This year, GITEX will organize Technology week celebration and also a newly global start-up movement.