AMGIO: A Must-Go Petroleum and Oil Stakeholders Event

argus conference

Earlier this year, we realized a fall in global oil prices at the global market which affected almost all oil economies and marginally affected other business and trading sectors.  For the Middle East, this could mean a reduction in revenue and income for top class managers, CEOs, manufacturers, tycoons, traders and business men.

Nevertheless, the incident was not that bad for industries and companies which resorted to great petroleum data and news service providers like Argus. Identifying such service providers can be something difficult to come by, as most entrepreneurs are afraid to rely on incompetent data which might result in loss of revenue and profits.

Argus, therefore organizes annual conference to bring together oil product market stakeholders and other related sectors to meet, network, and unveil new services and technologies regarding the petroleum market. The conference which is widely known as the Argus Middle East Gulf and Indian Ocean Oil Products Conference (AMGIO).

Happening this year in Dubai, the conference focuses on the role of the Mideast Gulf and South Asia as key trading hubs, the shifting trends in the products market in the region and new challenges and opportunities for market participants. It has over the past few years become a must-attend annual event for knowledge-sharing and networking for the oil products market stakeholders.

The event which attracts National Oil Companies, International Oil Companies, Petroleum Products Trading & Sales, Banking and Finance, Storage & Shipping Companies, Technology Solution Providers, Quality Testing & Inspection Companies, and Government/Regulators represents a great connectivity event and an opportunity for enlarging your network as a consultant, investor, quality testing company or a stakeholder of oil and petroleum products while getting best available data and analysis on petroleum sector.

AMGIO has an exceptional track record of which famous attendees of the conference has testified to the great benefits joining AMGIO as a petroleum product firm. Last year, Peter Kamau of Oil Libya said “The conference has gone very well.

The speakers were very relevant for this time in the market. The conference provided a great level of detail and I was able to gather a lot of useful information”. Also Anisse Terai of International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation mentioned that “The speakers were top in their field. It was a unique gathering a strong networking opportunity. I am looking forward to the next year”.

This year, the conference has been specifically designed to cover the spread of petroleum products with specific sessions on light distillates, middle distillates and bunker fuel to cater to the regional producers, traders, solution providers and end users of petroleum products. Offering discounts for early participants, you can freely register by contacting Argus.

Unprecedented, the 2016 AMGIO taking place in the famous city of Dubai will serve as a great opportunity for stakeholders to enjoy meeting other great businesses and like-minded trade associates. Argus’s 2016 AMGIO conference will provide a prospect for petroleum products market fundamentals, trading flows and pricing implications in the Middle East Gulf and Indian Ocean.

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