Azizi Mina Hotel: A Distinctive Property to Hit Dubai Property Market

The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai has been one of the most desirable places for tourist and locals. Earlier this week, one of UAE’s top estate developers released an announcement of an upcoming 178-unit Azizi Mina Hotel Apartments project located on The Palm Jumeirah.

The developer, Azizi Developments, which has already penetrated global markets announced this project as the firm’s major project in Dubai and is expected to operate under a total expenditure of about AED 750 million. Reports from Azizi have it that this major project is going to be a real competition as it is tagged to be very quiet unique, glamorous, and very different from existing estates.

During the announcement, the developers made it known that the Azizi Mina will constitute 120 one-bedroom and 58 two-bedroom units. These rooms will be well furnished like no other with facilities and services such as central air conditioning, fully fitted kitchens with appliances, fitted wardrobes, en-suite tiled bathrooms and guest toilets, SMATV connections and high speed Internet access, and accompanied with four luxury penthouses. The project is coming to upgrade the options for tourist and other locals with high interest to stay at the Palm Jumeirah.

Tenants who will have an opportunity to access the estate can be assured of getting a new taste of luxury and style. More so, developers have promised a high level of service provision at the estate upon completion which is projected to surpass other accommodation services. Tenants should also prepare to have a pleasure view of the pretty landscapes of Dubai while residing in their luxurious apartments. This also adds up to the uniqueness of the Azizi Mina which will cover a total area of about 120,989 square feet and will have a direct view of the azure-tinted waters of the Arabian Gulf – Increasing its preference over other options, especially for tourists. Scheduled to be operational prior to the Expo 2020 in Dubai, and the property residing within the area designated for the Expo event, management of the property agrees to the investment opportunity that comes with the project as it is expected to be complete in 2018.