2016 REIFEN China Announced – The Leading Tire Show in Asia

With over 60 tire manufacturing companies, over 30 rubber technology industries and 107 exhibitors from 15 countries and regions including Germany, Russia, Malaysia, UAE, India, Japan, Poland, UK, China, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Panama, and USA showcasing their products during the 2015 REIFEN China, the 2016 trade fair has been on the outlook for several rubber industries, tire manufacturers, tire and rubber retailers and wholesale firms, export and import traders within the rubber and tire businesses.


Announced to from December 1st to 3rd, 2016, REIFEN China co-organized by the China United Rubber Corporation will exhibit products and services from Tire Manufactures, Trading Companies, Tire accessories, Equipment for repair shops, Tire service,  and Tools for tire production, and retreading. As exhibitors choose from these sectors, there are separate sectors for press, publication and other fields who will also be provided with space to showcase their work. Over the years, the exhibition sectors that realize large exhibitors are manufacturing and trading – with 49% exhibiting Tire (casing and tubes), 14% showcasing Wheel and Rims, 12% showcasing Tire Accessories, 11% also on Tools for Tire repair and while about 13% also showcase Tire recycling and re-trading.

reifen-china-2014_004_LIGHTBOX_LANDSCAPENot limited to the above areas, REIFEN China has a wide exhibition focus including Tire accessories, Repair material, Waste disposal, Industrial safety, Workshop/warehouse/office/salesroom Fittings, Sales Facilities, IT , Franchise systems workshop concepts among many others.

The famous trade fair, REIFEN CHINA, was birth out of REIFEN in Essen –Germany. The REIFEN in Essen, Germany is also another show being organized every two years and has been running every two years since 1960. It is well recognized as the largest professional tire fair in the world today. The REIFEN China started in 2007 and became an opportunity ground to strengthen communication of local tire industries to international stakeholder while providing partnership and networking opportunities for raw material producers, manufacturers, and traders.