Trading Used Vehicles in Dubai

Buying a car brand and model of your choice can be a difficult situation, if you are not so confident about the quality condition of the car – especially under circumstances where you are dealing with a small budget and will like to purchase a used vehicle.

 Although The Dubai Economic Department has given an assurance that they have never received any complain from a consumer on the issue of being tricked into purchasing a desirable car, there are reports also indicating that imported cars entering into the UAE markets suffers high repair bills before they are able to trade them on market. More so, once consumers purchase the car, the new owner most times end up facing large repair bills when the car experience a fault.

Regarding this, used car traders in the UAE have been calling on a toughened border check on imported cars. However Dubai Customs mentioned that Vehicle Inspection Numbers (VIN) of all vehicles coming to Dubai are well scrutinized to make sure that they are not stolen or listed by Interpol.

Land Customs Centres Management at Dubai Customs also highlighted that they do not make any restrictions and ban regarding the import of any product – and same applies to vehicles. The department also mentioned that vehicle regulations differ from one region to the other, and thus, this could also account for the entry of some vehicles dealers are complaining about.

With most of imported cars coming from the United States and other parts of Europe, it is difficult for car stakeholders to purchase these cars having a fair idea of the vehicles condition. REIFEN has been a world leading car and tyre services, and garage equipment. Attending any of the REIFEN events will help car traders and individual consumers to learn about the good ways to trade vehicles and to determine the strength of vehicles and other auto-parts.

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