UAE: Increasing Diversity In Car Specs Requires Increase In Knowledge For Car Dealer

Customs determine what kind of cars enter into the country. Vehicles are registered by the Roads and Transport Authority after they have checked and seen it fit. The customs do identify all vehicles by marking the Vehicle Clearance Certificate (VCC) with a statement showing the vehicle is either a new, used, repaired, accident or salvaged vehicle. According to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), if there is any vehicle which is unfit and entering into the country, then RTA inspections will detect such faulty or unfit vehicles.

However, dealers have been associating faulty cars in the fleet to the import of unfit cars in the United States which are shipped to UAE. More so on this claim, most US car auction services do confirm through their publications that they do trade damaged and accident cars. This leaves a buffer threat to end users and even some car dealers when trading vehicles.  Additionally, there is a need to increase the knowledge and technical knowhow on vehicles in the Emirate.

REIFEN Trade Fair brings international vehicle and auto-parts manufacturers to a single destination to exhibit diverse products and services. The Trade Fair is also tagged as the World’s largest tyre exhibition in the world. Care dealers, and other stakeholder can take a further step in engaging at top-class exhibitions to enlarge their network and take part of the REIFEN workshops to expand knowledge in their industry.

Dubai as part of its commitment to global goals have been strengthening all sectors of import and export, environmental, and all other fields to ensure sustainable development. Although the country had no electric vehicle standards but recently the country has developed standards to regulate the sale and use of the battery-powered vehicles.

Within the sector of vehicles and their usage, there are already legal two hundred electric vehicles registered including electric commercial buses. These vehicles come with a high cost but very environmental friendly and human safety. Some key features noted in reports, include the cars strength against adverse weather conditions, vehicle’s battery withstanding explosion in events of overheating, reinforced protection for passengers and drivers.

Mid this year, reports from Dubai had it that there will be an increase of 2,000 taxis into the Dubai Taxi Corporation. With all these news, there should be an increased knowledge know-how on all sort of vehicles – ranging from auto-parts, tires, and other vehicle accessories.

With more vehicles of diverse statuses and specifications entering the Emirate market, stakeholders in the industry will need to advance their knowledge and technical know-how in the sector.