Dubai to Host the Biggest Exhibition Event for the GCC Construction Industry

The United Arab Emirates and the entire GCC region is fast developing as well as the Middle East and North Africa region. In the phase of such industrial revolution and quick infrastructural development, it is essential for the heavy machinery sector and its respective stakeholders and marginal key players to upgrade knowledge to provide best services for clients while networking to enhance better relationship among businesses.

PMV Live is the most important heavy machinery event in the Middle East. The event connects professionals with leading global suppliers of high-quality heavy construction machinery, plant equipment, commercial and construction vehicles, consultants, precast machinery, and a range of other products and services.

The exhibition event which is scheduled for 21 – 24 November 2016 is being held together with the Middle East Concrete and The Big 5 International Building & Construction Show at World Trade Centre in Dubai, thousands of innovative and ground-breaking technologies, as well as revolutionary ideas are showcased by over 400 exhibitors from 30 countries to 36,000 international participants and visitors searching for products that can save money, energy, reduce emissions, and minimize waste – thus, ecofriendly.

Last year, the event recorded whooping 32,792 participants while attracting 41 exhibiting countries and visitors from over 134 countries. The event covered a total exhibition space of 20,000 square meters which was proudly occupied by 432 exhibiting companies. Exhibitors from the previous events had a great opportunity of showcasing their products and services to a wide range of visitors and prominent stakeholders. Exhibiting at PMV Live is the first step to raising your visibility in what is becoming an increasingly competitive market.

The PMV Live, is an event organized and planned in collaboration with countries, partners of all sizes and industry professionals. This has always made it possible for the event to reflect the realities, challenges, solutions, opportunities, and innovations happening the industry.

At previous event was, the Technical Director of Airolink Bulding Contracting Llc, who stated after attending the event, that “First of all, it was a great chance for anyone to experience the whole construction support items in a single event. It is well organized and keeps a steay order. Educational sessions and workshops would definitely attract more professionals who look forward to the latest in the industry.”

To exhibitors, it is so obvious that exhibitions are cost-effective marketing tools available for manufacturers, suppliers and distributors to reach a new market, spread the word about a new product or increase the sales leads. It is encouraged for exhibitors within the sector of construction and machinery to broaden their reach and services by exhibiting at PMV live.