Gulf Traffic 2016 Designed to Maximize Opportunities in the Transport Industry

Gulf Traffic Dubai

On the 13th – 15th of November, 2016, the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre will host the leading event in transport and its related sectors. This event is necessary to expose stakeholders and participants to the opportunities present in the sector and additionally share knowledge on new technologies and innovations in road, rail, parking and public transport.

One the sectors that is growing very rapid in the Middle East and North Africa region is the transport industry. As the region develops to become one of the world’s leading tourist and vacation resort, transport industry is one of the sectors that presents opportunities for its investors. This year alone, there has been several development in the sector as new innovations and technologies arise in transportation systems towards a sustainable future. The gulf region is forging ahead with plans to improve its transportation infrastructure with 121.3 billion USD worth of road and bridge projects which is already underway. Also, almost half of the regional spend in the Gulf region is concentrated in the United Arab Emirates, which has 58 billion USD worth of road and bridge projects underway. Additionally, Saudi Arabia is known to be the next largest spender on road and bridge infrastructure – pledging 26.9 billion USD to upgrade the country’s transport infrastructure over the next five years.

With all these projects and developments, it is important for investors, businesses, and stakeholders in the transport sector to have first-hand network and high profile connections with project managers and scholars in the field of transport to ensure their success in the industry. One place to have the all in one package is the Gulf Traffic Exhibition, Conference and Awards.

 The event is the region’s leading traffic & transportation event focusing on its, parking and infrastructure, and this year, it features new areas of focus while bringing together a large network of local and international suppliers. The gulf traffic 2016 is a dedicated event for the road, public transport and parking industries in the MENA region, bringing together some of the leading suppliers from over 27 countries. The event provides these industries with the opportunity to meet with targeted audiences wanting to witness and source the latest trends and technologies.