Top localities for buying apartments in Abu Dhabi

UAE’s capital represents one of the strongest and the most stable real estate market in the entire Middle East. Backed by strong government support, the emirate’s market has stood sturdy even in the most turbulent of times. Properties in Abu Dhabi are brought by people who desire absolute assurance of market stability and guaranteed profits on investments.

Abu Dhabi is also known for its rich cultural and sustainable environment. Being the oil producing emirate of the UAE, it is also visited by professionals specialising in oil extraction, maintenance and transportation. Like Dubai, the emirate also welcomes a healthy stream of expats every year and its residential units gain good demand.

Prudent investors, aware of the high rental yields of Abu Dhabi, which is supplemented by emirate’s constraint residential unit supply, like to buy properties and place them on rent. In order to assist such investors and other Abu Dhabi residents and business looking for appropriate places to buy, has revealed top localities for buying properties in the city in August 2016. The list is based on the property search trends on the real estate portal.


For buying apartments in Abu Dhabi, noted that apartments in Al Reem Island received most search hits during August 2016. Al Reem Island was followed by Al Raha Beach that secured the second highest search hits to land the number two spot.

The third most searched for locality for buying apartments in Abu Dhabi was Al Reef. The locality is centrally located near Abu Dhabi International Airport and offers affordable residential options. Saadiyat Island was the fourth most-searched-for locality in Abu Dhabi during August 2016 and was followed by Al Ghadeer which was the fifth most popular locality for buying apartments in the city.


The residents of Abu Dhabi buy villas due to the serene environment of villa communities and to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. For buying villas in Abu Dhabi, Al Reef was the most popular locality in August 2016. Al Reef is known for its high-end villas that are spacious and set in a peaceful environment. It was followed by Khalifa City A, a locality offering affordable villas in Abu Dhabi and is densely populated.

Saadiyat Island was the third most-searched-for locality in Abu Dhabi for buying villas during August 2016. It was followed by Mohammed Bin Zayed City that secured the fourth place and Al Reem Island which secured the fifth spot on the popularity list.


Like all capitals in the world, Abu Dhabi is also quite popular in the business industry. Fuelled by its geostrategic location and accessible sea ports, the emirate welcomes traders from around the world. Per, Al Reem Island was the most popular locality for buying offices in Abu Dhabi. Al Reef was found to be the second most-searched-for locality for buying offices in the city during August 2016 while Al Raha Beach secured the third spot on the popular office locality list.

Offices in Khalifa City A were also quite prominent in August and the locality received enough search hits to get ranked as the fourth most popular locality. Mohammed Bin Zayed City was the fifth most-searched-for locality for buying offices in the emirate during August 2016.