Why Do You Need A PCB Design Service For Your Business?

need-a-pcb-design-service-for-your-businessBusiness is a complex thing and when technology is involved it becomes even more complicated. Especially when you don’t have proper knowledge about technology then you need to rely on others. For example, if you need printed circuit board or PCB for your project you need to look for printed circuit board for your business project. If you do not have enough skilled expertise with you, you must take help from external service providers to get best circuit boards.

Printed circuit board is the base technology you will need for all your related hardware. If you don’t hire a skilled and experienced designer, then your entire project isn’t going to work without this strong back up.  Engineering and art both are involved in this work. I am a non technical person and my knowledge base is limited to business and finance. I had a chat with Mr. Aram Mirkazemi, the CEO of Altium design software company to acquire some knowledge in this field. Here is the gist to help you out.

When you are in need to hire for group to deliver you PCB design service, you should be thorough at the real need for them. In general, PCB design and development will be carried out through stages.

  • Initially, you are required to give final PCB requirement as a client.
  • It is necessary to receive standards and certifications
  • As a PCB service group, they should define user PCB test plan
  • The definition of cost requirement is necessary

What Is The Real Purpose Behind Requesting PCB Service?

A PCB is a thing which acts as the basic building block for mechanics and also for electrical. It connects electronic components using conductive tracks, pads and other features. The components using this PCB are capacitors, resistors and active devices. PCB will either come in single sided or double sided. The connection will be made between conductors in various layers. The key part of PCB is FR 4 panel. Printed circuit boards can be used in anything, but it is the highlighted one in simple electronic products. It has been also used in wire wrapping and point to point construction. When you see advantages of PCB, the circuit’s production through PCB will be cheaper and faster when compared to other wiring methods. There is also no need to worry about errors on wiring if circuit is made through PCB. While the boards have no embedded components, you can confirm the application of printed wiring board. The IPC term associated with the assembled boards is known as circuit card assembly. The term PCB is used for bare and grouped boards.

Reasons to Hire PCB Design Service:

Initially, PCB is designed to create photo mask on clear Mylar sheet. Rub on dry transfers of common component footprints has increased efficiency. The pre printed non reproducing grids on Mylar helped in layout creation. In order to fabricate the board, the completed photomask was reproduced onto photo resist coating on blank copper clad boards.

Steps To Design PCB Software:

  • The schematic diagram will be captured through electronic design automation tool.
  • The card dimensions and templates are chosen based on circuit and case of PCB.
  • The position of components and heat sinks will be found.
  • Line impedance will be found using di electric layer thickness, copper thickness and trace width. Trace separation is also taken into consideration.


The process of grouping all PCB into the large board is known as panelizing. The board should be made up of single design, but there is no surprise when it comes as a mixture of designs on a single panel. The two types of panels are assembly panels and bare board. The assemblers will mount components on panels. The bare board uses panels. Thus, manufacturing panel requires grouping PCB. The mounting of component is done rather than the single in order to support efficiency. Panels are being used in bare board manufacturing to not only to achieve efficiency but also to achieve the requirements of the plating process.

This might be a bit tough to understand for a non technical person like me. But you need to know the basics so that you can measure the quality of the work you’re getting from your service provider. So, this is all you need to understand and for the rest you can rely on PCB designers. If you can choose the right people to get your work done then you can stay assured about the quality for sure. But it is not simple to choose the people. Aforesaid tips will help you to do this task without any hassle. Look for the most important credentials before go ahead. Check background carefully while hiring. Keep these things in mind and get best printed circuit boards for your business.

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