Best Place for Infrastructural Investment – Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Doing  business in a foreign land can be very stressful as investors usually has to spend more time to build trust with local authorities and other offices that they require to operate smoothly. In some parts of the world, doing business as a foreigner is accompanied with more receptive feedback from local authorities.

In such an environment, investors feel at home and progress easily with ease and with the support of the city. Such harmonious environment is what awaits investors who do business in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), an emirate just closer to Dubai and blessed with all ancient Arabic landscape, cultures, and hospitality.

Although, having all ancient looks, Ras Al Khaimah has evolved to be one of the best cosmopolitans in the United Arab Emirates. It has been ranked as one of the easiest places for foreign investment, among the most affordable to live and spend in UAE, and also ranked as having a low cost of living compared to other global attractive cities.

 One interesting feature of the Emirate, and an attractive call for overseas business is the Emirates Maritime City Free Zone (MCFZ). The RAK MCFZ has been developed and worked under a model which allows a diversity of businesses to survive in doing business in RAK.

The Maritime City Free Zone covers an area of about 8 million square meters and is divided into zoned plots which can accommodate businesses of varying size and across multiple industrial sectors. Its strategic position (Coordinates N25 56 32/ E056 03 00) as the nearest Free Zone makes it more advantageous in terms of fuel cost savings for tenants, and its port functionality.

More so, the Maritime City Free Zone has the best in quality and uniqueness when it comes to the entrance draft depth, deep-water berths, exclusive jetties and available quay wall.

With the harbor entrance depth of about 6.5 meters, the RAK MCFZ has a dedicated harbor covering 820,000 square meters of water and a 5 kilometers new quay wall.

The MCFZ offers a fully integrated service to give entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses the support they need to establish their business, with a choice of flexible and attractive company set-up options to choose from which gives  businesses the freedom to select the optimum model for their respective requirements.

Ras Al Khaimah, is the place to do business and definitely the place to invest. Later this year, the Emirate will hold its Finance and Investment Forum (FIF) which seek to open the investment opportunities that exists in the Emirate – including infrastructural investments covering the ports, airports, and utilities. The event largely known as RAKFIF, will be a good opportunity for businesses to network and explore the rising emirate.