UAE Spa Market Estimated at 500m USD by 2020

Health resorts and resort hotels are continuously becoming the new trend for vacations and leisure activities, especially for tourists and cooperate workers. For a country with diversified and growing number of tourists, such as the United Arab Emirates, the spa market could mean much more. According to a study by Colliers Experiential Travel Series, Wellness, Spa and Medical Travel 2017, the spa industry in the UAE represents 14 per cent of the spa market in the Middle East and North Africa region. Dubai alone has over 200 spas while additional spas are expected to be operationalized this year. The spa market in Dubai is not just increasing in number of spas but also increase demand has been witnessed as the years pass by. The study by Colliers shows that there was an increasing demand of about 9% increase in the first half of 2016 as compared to 2015 in the number of treatments sold daily in spas.

As at the end of 2016, the spa industry in UAE was estimated at 460 million USD. With current growth projections within the sector, the spa industry is estimated to reach a worth of 500 million USD by 2020. As the region strengthens it tourism sector, it is essential for business investors to increase their presence in real estate, and resort properties as the trend currently shows an increase in spa demand as tourism sector expands.