Tourist Court to be instituted in Abu Dhabi

In previous reports, I had reiterated the growing tourism sector in the United Arab Emirates. This has accordingly expanded other sectors including real estate, hospitality, and recreational centers, and additional infrastructural developments which keeps attracting tourists. This is also increasing the number of expatriates in the region.

Reports from Abu Dhabi reveals that the Emirate is considering to set up a new court just for tourists which will be the first ever tourist prosecution and court in the region. Due multiple tourist offence cases in the region, Dubai in the last couple of years, had plans to have a separate structure for addressing tourist crimes which will allow short-term tourist to have their hearing quickly to avoid any delays and overstays for the purpose of court proceedings.  The implementation of the Tourist court in Abu Dhabi adds up to the countries judicial efforts in providing offenders with the rightful services and expediting all lawful processes with an ease while providing justice in all situations and for all manner of persons.

According to the report by a local news agency, the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Presidential Affairs, and chairman of Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has already issued a decision in this regard. The court will purposely address crimes committed by tourists and aid in making the Emirate a desirable tourist center without having any tourist offences creating complexity for others who wish to visit. The tourist court will work hand-in-hand with all relevant stakeholders, consulates, and authorities to provide clients with best services that meets international standards.