Midsummer and Asia Clients Produces Lightweight Solar Modules

Midsummer, a leading supplier of production lines for cost effective manufacturing of lightweight flexible CIGS solar cells, today announced that its Asian client now manufactures lightweight flexible solar modules with conversion efficiency of 14 per cent.

Midsummer previously announced that they have sold their compact DUO solar cell manufacturing system to an Asian client. The system is in production and it produces flexible solar modules at record levels. The flexible solar module is made of cells from the client’s factory in Asia.

Midsummer’s client has now have passed 14 per cent in conversion efficiency (corresponding to 15.4% aperture area efficiency). The modules tested at the independent research institute Chemitox Inc. in Yamanashi, Japan, were made in the Client’s mass production line in normal production conditions and with standard process settings with a CIGS layer less than 1 micron in thickness.

‘I am happy to announce that our solar modules indeed have increased the conversion efficiency to 14 per cent as verified by an independent testing laboratory. The DUO system is now the most widely spread manufacturing tool for flexible CIGS solar cells, said Sven Lindstram, CEO, Midsummer.

The Midsummer DUO is a compact, fully automatic deposition system for CIGS solar cell manufacturing. It is designed for operational stability and superior material utilization.

Cadmium is avoided in the manufacturing process as an occupational health measure, and also to make it easier to commence low cost manufacturing of CIGS solar cells. With the production system from Midsummer, the solar cells are manufactured individually and then stringed together into modules just like crystalline solar cells. This way, lightweight flexible modules can easily be made in any size and shape. Lightweight, flexible solar modules are the future of solar energy since they fit in to the ‘distributed energy’ trend and can be fitted on buildings, vehicles, etc.