Dubai Quickly Becoming Popular as a Startup Hub

The recent immigration ban has caused a lot of startups and large tech companies in the US to rethink their strategies. It is more difficult to get existing talent – those who already have a valid visa and a job in a US-based company – back after they leave the country. Trying to bring in new talent is even more difficult.

Newer tech startups are quickly looking for a hub that they can base their operations from. Dubai is quickly becoming the popular choice. While the city is not a new name in the startup world, it is now one of the most popular options when it comes to setting up a new international company for a number of reasons.

Quick Access to Investors

Almost all major flights across the world make a stop in Dubai. No matter where you are going on a long-haul flight, you will be able to find a route that stops in this city. This means a lot of investors will have no trouble getting to and from Dubai, making the city particularly interesting for startups.

Let’s not forget that there are also a lot of angel investors based in the Middle East. We have a wider range of investors coming from the region, from kings and royals to moguls and successful businessmen. A lot of startups who started their lives in Dubai get to connect with these investors early in the game, which is a huge advantage to have in today’s competitive market.

Of course, we also have the fact that Dubai has its own economic free zone, which allows foreign business owners to set up a company with 100% ownership. This makes establishing a presence in Dubai a lot easier for new and existing startups alike. Speaking of the economic free zone….

Easy Access to Resources

Compared to the United States – especially today – Dubai is much friendlier to expatriates. You can easily bring talent in from different parts of the world almost immediately. There is no shortage of facilities and infrastructures to support your business either. You can, for instance, find apartments for sale in Dubai at PropertyTrader regardless of your budget.

The same can be said for office space. Renting an office space in Dubai is very easy, plus it comes with a number of advantages. One of those advantages is the fact that businesses with a certain amount of office space in Dubai get visa breaks; they can bring people into the UAE more easily this way.

Access to Emerging Markets

As an international tech startup, your main markets are not only the US and Europe. In fact, emerging markets such as Indonesia and China are far more appealing, since they have a much bigger user base and they spend more online.

Dubai is the perfect hub if you’re trying to reach these markets. The close proximity and ease of travel all work to your advantage. There are also agencies and companies specializing in connecting businesses with other businesses in Asian countries, and most of them can be found in Dubai’s own business district. This – along with the previous reasons we talked about – is an advantage you won’t want to miss.

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