Successful Launch of Cladinox in the Middle East by AKS Group

  • Cladinox is a stainless steel reinforcing bar with stainless steel’s 100-year+ corrosion resistance only where it is needed – at the surface
  • High strength/toughness/with better earthquake resistance where it is needed – at the core
  • Cladinox’s unique technology allows these properties to be metallurgically fused together in the solid state, during hot rolling to produce a perfectly bonded designer-steel reinforcing bar
  • At prices approaching those of other traditionally coated steels
  • Used successfully in major road and bridge construction in North America over the last 17 years
  • The US FHWA, VDOT, and several North American universities have independently researched and published a series of tests and studies over the last 17 years to confirm its merits
  • Conforming to AASHTO Standard Specification MP 13M/MP 13-04 (2006)
  • Launched by AKS Group: an Award Winning, dynamic, and technologies-driven steel group, Chennai-based

Cladinox, a globally unique, patented stainless steel clad reinforcing bar was successfully launched for the Middle East market at The UAE Ministry of Infrastructure Development’s “The Middle East Road & Bridge Forum” on 3rd-4th April in Dubai.

Alongside partners AKS Group and licensees of Cladinox for the Middle East regions, Lead Speaker at the event and Inventor of Cladinox, Antonino Cacace introduced the product to The UAE’s Minister of Infrastructure Development, His Excellency Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Belhaif Al Nuaimi and to over 300 delegates from the world’s largest engineering consultancies, to government representatives and to Arab Gulf municipalities.

Antonino Cacace said “It was an absolute honour to have met His Excellency the Minister of Infrastructure Development and to have been chosen to contribute to the Ministry’s obvious commitment to exploring innovative and leading edge infrastructure solutions. This market is very exciting for us, and Cladinox is the perfect product to meet the UAE’s future-forward demands given its unprecedented versatility and revolutionary properties.”

Referred to “The most exciting product at the Conference this year” and “The Future of Bridges and Roads”, Cladinox was extremely well received and enquiries for orders during the week have exceeded expectations not only for concrete reinforcing bar, but for soil nails, corrugated sheet, plate and structural tie rods. Cladinox is the ultimate designer steel, which can empower clients to combine in a single steel bar, section or plate all the properties required for a particular project.

Given the unprecedented exceptional bonding between the stainless steel clad and the black steel where a new material is actually formed during hot rolling, Cladinox is more accurately a ‘bimetal’ which has the exact corrosion resistant properties of a true stainless steel and superior strength at half the price. Cladinox is following the trend of cost sensitive municipalities and governments who require the longer lasting infrastructure seen with the use of solid stainless, but at a far lower price.

AKS Group, Sar Ispat Private Limited Puducherry, has installed a 100 000 ton per year state-of-the art Cladinox production plant and steel mill in Chennai, to supply stainless clad rebar and sections to the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, Malaysia, Indonesia and elsewhere. AKS Group is particularly well profiled to launch Cladinox’s stainless steel clad reinforcing bar and to supply it to Middle East infrastructure projects.

AKS will shortly be opening an office in the Arab Gulf. For quotes and further information, please contact AKS Group Directors:

Sandeep Kothari:, +91 9600122222, +971 567862620

Vikrant Sharma:, +91 9500017652, +971 565737652

Alternatively for further technical information and case studies of previous successful projects, please contact:

Antonino Cacace:, +44 1792 368156, +44 7740164274

Giorgia Cacace:, +44 7583648484