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How You Can Alter the Strength of Your Passport – And Why You Should

May 28, 2017 Micha Rose Emmett 0

Across the world, the social and political landscape appears to be becoming increasingly turbulent. When conducting business on an international scale, there are already several challenges to contend with; ranging from unpredictable markets and currency exchange rates, to time zones and managing teams across continents – but there is one aspect that you have the potential to take some control over – your passport. Read more

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Advertising and Retail Sector are Leading Economic Activities in Dubai.

May 28, 2017 UAE Business 0

Advertising – including campaigns, promotions, trade fairs are booming in Dubai as this reflects in permits being issued to this sector of the Emirates economy. Over the first quarter of this year, the Dubai Economy has witnessed 1,604 advertising permits being issued by the business registration and licensing (BRL) sector. These permits are issued to help standardize the activities, products, and services rendered by the various types of economic activities in Dubai. The permits help businesses to communicate their activities and increases its demand. Read more

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First journalists poll reveals the UAE’s top 10 Public Relations agencies

May 23, 2017 UAE Business 0
  • PR Index first of its kind to identify the best PR agencies in the UAE from journalist’s’ perspective
  • 200 journalists polled on quality of PR agency content and level of support
  • PR Index will enable companies to select PR agencies based on key quality measurement criteria

Content Plus, the Dubai-based consultancy, today launched the UAE’s first ever Public Relations Index. Driven by a poll of 200 journalists on their perspectives of public relations (PR) agencies and professionals in the UAE, the unique index identified the top 10 PR agencies based on two key criteria: quality of content and effective engagement with the media by evaluating their level of support, fast follow up and interaction. Additionally, these criteria were rated individually as part of two sub-indices. The index also revealed the most active PR agencies in the UAE. Read more

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IREIS 2017 to Host the Largest Egyptian Property Show in UAE

May 22, 2017 UAE Business 0

The 9th edition of the International Real Estate & Investment Show brings Egypt’s leading real estate companies under one roof to highlight country’s growing real estate sector and to attract investors from various parts of the world from the 2nd to 4th November 2017 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). Read more

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Purchasing Industrial Mixtures: What to look out for

May 19, 2017 UAE Business 0

The industrial revolution within recent decades has brought several technological advancements within the manufacturing, building and construction, and the general industrial sector.  This has also led to a boom in multiple manufacturing brands and service providers leading to a state where consumers find it difficult in choosing a brand and model to buy from. Read more