Dubai Date Export Can Achieve More Returns Even After 2016’s $85.1m

Dubai has made an impressive progress in date export. The country’s total date trade in 2016 amounted to 221.7 million USD, with export representing the largest share (85.1 million USD), imports (72.1 million USD) and re-exports (64.5 million USD) in the trade value. The growth of the sector between 2011 and 2015 is recorded at 34.1 percent compound annual growth In 2015, the country was offering the best prices of dates being imported to Europe the lead market as some leading markets in Europe and North America had a tight price. The price of dates exported from Dubai in 2016 was 786 USD/ton, while the price for re-exports and imports were 405 USD/ton and 399 USD/ton, respectively.

This outcome was made known by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The report had it that Morocco, Oman, Bangladesh, and Indonesia stands as the largest importers of Dubai dates in 2016 – with a percentage of 13, 12, 12, and 10 respectively. There is still room for improvement for Dubai as there is an unexploited opportunity for the emirate to increase export to other continents while diversifying their date products.