Dubai Introduces Electric, Self-Driving Transport

Dubai is set to spearhead the push towards efficient public transportation through innovative technologies. All public transport stakeholders including insurance companies, carmakers and drive through restaurants are sure to be affected.

Dubai is leading the way for innovative, electric and driverless transport in a bid to turn the world of transportation on its head.  It is set to become an early adopter of ‘green’ transportation technology ahead of the world’s biggest cities.

Public transport as you know it will be transformed. Dubai is set to accomplish this feat through national policy, investments in renewables, air taxis, safety messages and even a national incentive plan to promote green transport.

Speaking at a conference last month, Director General and Chairman of the Board of Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Matter Al-Tayer, declared a policy-led approach to increase the use of electric vehicles in public transportation. The city will see an increase of up to 25% of smart and driverless public transport by 2030. It may seem farfetched, but this is an achievable target for the Emirate city.  It already boasts an electric, driverless transit system that spans 46 miles and works to extend it has already begun.

The emirate city is currently testing out different models, including the Hyperloop system, aerial taxis and the infamous self-driving car and bus technologies. However, government regulation and sustainable infrastructure are a necessity for the success of autonomous transportation technologies.

The promise of better road safety for citizens and incentives such as free parking for electric car owners will seek to entice citizens to embrace renewable transport as part of their daily commutes.

Dubai and the UAE continue to invest in renewable technology, the advancement of ‘green’ public transportation will lead to a better quality of life for their citizens through cleaner and safer transport.