Borouge talks innovation ADID

Working¬†closely with the oil and gas industry, Borouge has focussed strongly on¬†innovation when it comes to plastics solutions. Innovation¬†is an integral part¬†of its business and Dr. Thorsten Loehl,¬†Vice President Innovation,¬†at Borouge will be¬†speaking at this year’s Abu Dhabi¬†International Downstream Summit about how¬†Borouge, using this business model, delivers new solutions to meet the evolving¬†market¬†demands.

Those visiting the summit will learn how Borouge creates a continuous pipeline of development with ongoing rejuvenation of its product portfolio. They will also be given an insight into how Borouge focuses on unmet customer needs and tackles some of the very specific challenges faced by numerous different industries. For example, in pipeline infrastructure there is a clear need for low sagging pipe extrusion. The challenge is to reduce the volume of material required while maintaining or improving the material properties for the application.

Dr Thorsten Loehl talks innovation at ADID

Packaging is another area where Borouge has great success in re-defining benchmarks for excellence. Whether for consumer or industrial use, creating materials that have a lower gauge than traditional solutions while still meeting required stretching, impact resistance, etc. characteristics, means customers can save millions in packaging and shipment costs. Sustainability is another important consideration for packaging solutions where Borouge is helping many customers move away from complex, multi-material package solutions to practical, single material ones that can be easily recycled.

Other¬†current innovations include light-weighting of material through foaming¬†techniques. This interesting area of the plastics business¬†offers¬†benefits in applications from packing to automobiles. Having a good idea,¬†however, is not enough on its own. A complete solution is¬†required to address¬†specific industry challenges ‚Äď and this is an area where the Borouge way of¬†working ensures a final, saleable,¬†beneficial outcome from its R&D¬†pipeline.

Borouge’s¬†experience and innovation means it has many exciting insights to share that can¬†be applied across many different market¬†sectors. Dr. Loehl is looking to¬†inspire many different conversations and ideas with his talk at the¬†Abu Dhabi International Downstream¬†Summit¬†which runs from 18th-19th¬†September 2017.

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