International Investors Meet Zone set to launch at IREIS 2017

The International Investors Meet Zone, a leading platform connecting entrepreneurs, proposers and investors globally, will debut at the 9th edition of the International Real Estate and Investment Show 2017. Aimed at facilitating strategic networking and promoting investments, it is one of the largest gatherings of the international investment community of the region.

The first of its kind in the region, the highly-anticipated Investors Meet will create the most optimized and viable business meeting place for engaging stakeholders in constructive discussions, evaluation and execution of promising ideas. The new segment will attract investors and professionals from different countries to forge partnerships, gain knowledge on best networking solutions, and discuss investment opportunities in a B2B-focused environment. Furthermore, entrepreneurs will be provided with a venue to showcase their products and services to attendees.

Dony Cyril, Exhibitions Director said “The Investors Meet Zone is an excellent platform for countries and private companies to showcase their investment opportunities to important investors and other stakeholders as well as stimulate productive discussions and deals on investment options. The zone also provides participants with information on the latest trends on international as well as local investments and best practices at the local, regional, international level across economic sectors”.

With economic indicators pointing towards growth and emerging markets once again moving in tandem, the Investor Meet Zone will see high levels of transactions. The medium term real estate and investment trends remain positive, as international and regional governments are embarking on large-scale initiatives in an attempt to grow the real estate industry. In spite of weaker market conditions, development activity largely continues, and developers are more mindful of end-user requirements and pricing, making the Investor Meet Zone the ideal platform for the sector.The Investors Zone also offers a secure platform for Sovereign Wealth Funds and Investment Funds to meet with official Government representatives and industry experts.

The agenda will explore emerging trends that are continuously redefining investment opportunities globally, with a particular focus on citizenship opportunities, real estate projects, and investors’ relations.

Antoine Georges, Managing Director of Dome Exhibitions, the organizers of IREIS 2017 said, “The Investors Zone is an impressive forum of talent, experience, partnership and vision. It is crucial we identify the importance of investments, as it is a central driver of job generation, technology transfer and local economic growth.”

The inaugural edition of the International Investors Meet Zone allows more than 1,000 high net worth (HNW) and Ultra HNW investors from Private & Public sector represented by C-Level executives, Government representatives, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Portfolio Managers, Real Estate and Investment Project Managers from around the region to meet the best project offers from the international market.Sponsors of the IREIS 2017 includes Federation of Chamber of commerce, Rasmala, JLL, Cavendish Maxwell and, Oxford Business Group.

“We see the Investors Zone as a strategically important forum to unlock new investments from the private sector- by fostering new partnerships and promoting the development of ambitious investment programs by national governments,” added Georges.

Organized by Dome Exhibitions, the ninth edition of the International Real Estate and Investment Show will be held on 2- 4 November 2017 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). In a span of three days, an array of activities is staged including an international conference, project presentations, country-specific pavilions, and a citizenship by Investment expo.

The three-day exhibition will house over 120 local, regional and international exhibitors representing different sectors of the real estate industry, with a predicted growth of 30% in terms of its visitors and exhibitors. IREIS 2016 saw a participation of more than 92 exhibitors originating from 24 different countries, attracting more than 8,500 investors from 73 countries and creating spot sales volume of over US$180 million.