Digital marketing impact in 2017

As our generation progresses every few years, so does our knowledge of technology, thus brings us to the evolution of digital marketing. It seems every year digital marketing is coming up with an all new idea/concept of the next big thing in the industry. That said, it’s always important to know what marketing trends and impacts digital marketing has produced this year – to ensure you’re up-to-date with all your marketing essentials.

  • Quicker and more customer-oriented responses. We are now in a state where brands are stepping up their game, this means greater response time and the ability to conduct virtual customer service. Most customers today are used to instant responses and need fulfillments, therefore most social media platforms provide many features – and many depend on them – for comments and ratings, as well as instant message chat bots.
  • Mobile 24/7. Mobile is the key, a majority of online users access the internet through mobile rather than PC. According to a research by the Global Web Index, out of all the respondents, 41 percent stated that they preferred mobile devices compared to others, such as laptops, desktop PCs, and tablets. Everybody is now looking to upgrade everything via mobile. So it’s important to make your site user friendly for all devices – whether PCs, tablets, or mobile.
  • Top speed. We are now surrounded by a generation that is highly tech-savvy and the flow of a technological device or website pages are no longer something you can take for granted. This era now requires speedy results. This is why most companies now are looking to implement a more responsive site and URL, as well as the creation of more conducive pages, such as the invention of Google’s AMP.
  • A world of artificial intelligence. It’s no surprise that the developments of AI has gotten bigger and bigger. From gaming to weapons of mass destructions, AI is rapidly seeping itself into our everyday lives. That said, it’s no surprise that we are starting to see more and more AI technologies for marketing. This may be seen through the use of AI generated content, smart content curation (where you can personalize content based on your interests), programmatic, dynamic ads, and more.
  • Social media crazy. In a world where social media is life it’s important to follow the following trends of today. People today are very dependent on their social media, which is why more and more people are becoming more involved in social media marketing. Many brands today use social media to connect with their customers. Social media act as backlinks for your brands where people can share, like, and leave comments all through one platform.
  • Search Engine Optimization. In 2016 we saw a great investment in the use of SEO. Most digital marketing techniques now require SEO and this tool has now become a big part of marketing in general. This is why we are seeing more and more specialists in this field as well as search optimization tools in various forms, such as the creation of AMP and ASO.

Overall, 2017 is providing many opportunities for digital marketing to thrive and more and more innovative creations are popping out to help with optimization. That said, time to embrace the tech take-over and get with the times.

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