British digital marketing consultancy launches in Abu Dhabi

Digital marketing consultancy eWavelength taps into the UAE’s growing need for digital expertise.

After five years of working with some of the UK’s biggest brands in London, digital marketing consultancy eWavelength launched in the UAE on Oct. 4 2017. Having identified a growing demand for digital expertise in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, eWavelength hopes to empower businesses in the region.

“Adam Kwasniewski, head of SME marketing at Google, says the UAE has 15 times fewer businesses online than any market in the European Union,” announced The National on Feb. 2017, describing the UAE’s growing demand for digital services. The article went on to state the the UAE is a digital marketing desert, which hurts its small and medium-sized enterprises.

To help fill this digital vacuum, Rosie Seldon, director and owner of eWavelength, brings a wide range of experience to the UAE.

“We spent the last year discussing opportunities with clients, and have had 20 clients approach us for different kinds of digital marketing work,” said Seldon. eWavelength is already creating digital strategies for local businesses from all sectors.

In London, Seldon worked with a variety of clients, including companies such as Lloyds Bank, Age UK, and HSBC. Her work is diverse: she specializes in website development and optimization, mobile enablement, digital strategy, and digital marketing.

eWavelength is committed to supporting the UAE government’s vision of a SMART city. Thus, part of the company’s growth plan is also to offer digital training in the region. Seldon has extensive experience working with Google Training Academy, where she helps run workshops for Google’s top clients to understand branding and strategy.

She is excited to bring these skills to the UAE, particularly the smaller companies and consultancies that are growing at a rapid rate. Some of eWavelength’s clients, Pro Partner Group and Advisors ME, also offer growth financing and business setup for companies.

 “There is quite a big start up growth sector in the region. I have attended start up conferences at NYU and Arabian Business Startup Academy where there is a big buzz about launching in the region,” Seldon said, adding, “We are very excited for this new opportunity.”