Nokia 8: Should UAE give it a shot?

The Nokia 8 Smartphone was launched this year with many questions in mind. Considering Nokia’s status and fall out, the question of whether this phone can compete with other smartphones out there continues to be a trending topic. UAE, being very tech-centric country, many tech products there are competing with each other, so what makes a Nokia so special?

This situation brings us to the Nokia 8 – Nokia’s latest installment. The Nokia comes with a 5.3-inch touchscreen display and powered with a 1.8 GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, which results in performances as most Android phones these days. So the Nokia 8 may just be the phone to compete with.


The Nokia 8 comes with an aluminum back and curve corners which make holding and using it very easy. It stays comfortable in your hands and it also looks good. Its thin and light design also makes it incredibly enjoyable to carry around and to put in your pockets – so definitely great for those UAE employees constantly on-the-go. Its 5.3-inch display also makes it easily accessible yet still comfortable to look at. So definitely design-wise the Nokia 8 comes close to those handy and beautifully structured Samsung phones.

Camera is power

It seems the Nokia 8 is trying to impress with their camera – as one of the main selling points. The camera has three cameras. Two in the back and one in the front. They all have 13-megapixel sensors and is co-engineered by Zeiss. The camera itself was fast and the auto-focus seemed accurate, except quality-wise, the results were not as impressive as other phones, such as the HTC U11. The colors were vibrant and contrasts were great, but they definitely were not professional quality images you see on most iPhones and Samsung phones. Unfortunately, their camera work seemed too forced and the contrast of the colors seemed a bit much rather than looking natural.

The Nokia 8 camera does allow live streaming from the app itself to social media, so that is one new feature they added that is quite handy for all those social media users out there.

Performance is key

The Nokia 8 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor that seems to work quite well. It also comes with a 4GB RAM that makes the overall performance and storing enjoyable. It definitely matches up with most Android phones, running on an almost stock version of Android 7.1.1 – and was said to be updating to the Android O soon.

The display with a quad-HD resolution itself makes it easy to view and navigate. The colors are sharp and precise, with a brightness of 700 nits, it is quite enjoyable for display and viewing purposes. It comes with a 3050mAh battery, which unfortunately is not too durable, however, when you have excessive usage.


In conclusion, the Nokia 8 is definitely an improvement in terms of Nokia. However, it sits at AED 2,571, which does not seem to be worth it when it comes to this price. This phone sits at the same price as the OnePlus 5, which does not seem equally fair in terms of performance. Generally, the Nokia 8 is definitely a phone worth a shot for all the UAE customers out there, but price and quality may be a story worth contemplating.

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