UAE, a Central Hub for Potential Residency & Citizenship by Investment Seekers in the USA

The Residency & Citizenship Expo taking place in ADNEC from 2-4 November will include an EB-5 platform for the first time ever, hosted exclusively by BLS Global. Through the EB-5 program, potential nominees looking to invest in the USA will be taking the first step in becoming eligible for a ‘Green Card’. This is appealing to many, as exclusively under this platform the entrepreneur will be able to provide their spouse and children with permanent residency.

BLS Global will be running educational sessions every day on EB-5 and will feature informative panels moderated by professionals experienced in the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. Potential investors and residency seekers are urged to attend the panels to learn more about the EB-5 and other global investment immigration programs. The Residency & Citizenship Pavilion is an opportunity to expand your international network in the field of investment immigration.

With an expat population of over 70 percent, the UAE becomes a central hub for many countries. In 2016, there were over 8,000+ attendees at the conference and this year BLS Global have ensured that the EB-5 program will receive as much attention as possible. The panels will convene on each day of the 3-day conference, moderated by professionals experienced in the EB-5 immigration.

“The UAE is a potential market for residency seekers, however, due to skeptical views of people and many misunderstandings, the target is not always reached. This year we are aiming to educate potential investors about the process and how it can be achieved through the many panel discussions organized,” remarked Antoine Georges, Managing Director at Dome Exhibitions.

The US is known globally for its state-of-the-art treatment facilities and access to advanced procedures and medicines that may not be available in other countries. In terms of Purchasing Power and property prices, the US has one of the highest purchasing powers in the world, and due to the country’s vast size, offers multiple attractive real estate markets.

BLS Global is proud to publicize a delegation of US experts involved in the EB-5 industry and these include: Baker Tilly, Cleveland International Fund, CMB Regional Centres, David Hirson & Partners, LLP, EB5 Global Inc, Lightstone, Mona Shah and Associates, Nuride, Rancon Group, Torres Law, and many more.

“Many of the investment options leading to residency and citizenship around the globe are based on investments either in real estate, government bonds or donations. For entrepreneurs and investors from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), citizenship by investment is appealing because it presents the opportunity to build assets across two or more nations, and to thereby diversify their wealth. In addition, as investors become more global and travel the world visa-free, they often need to invest in one or two projects at their destination of choice,” commented Sam Hussain, Managing Director of BLS Global.

“The market in MENA is robust. This is because of the large population of expats.  Of course, these expats only have temporary residency in the UAE, making them highly likely to take advantage of obtaining an alternate citizenship or residency in another country, to feel secure,” he added.

Dual citizenship can prove to be advantageous for many who wish to improve their quality of life. When considering business conditions and tax regimes, the ability to shift to another nation with more favorable conditions will allow those with the resources the opportunity to improve their quality of life. Moreover, if an entrepreneur conducts frequent business with companies in another nation, that also happens to be a nation where he or she can obtain citizenship, then dual citizenship will improve the ease of entry to the other nation, thus improving commercial activity.

For individual wealth planning, the person should most importantly consider the following: Cost of citizenship by investment program; Cost and quality of living in the host country; Business and tax environment; time horizon, and residency requirements. In addition, the investor would have the benefit of the close proximity of the world’s best secondary and collegiate universities in the world if considering the future of the investor’s children.

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