Fahad Al Tenaiji Triumphs in Tasleeh Shooting’s Survival of the Strongest Airsoft Tournament

Tasleeh Shooting ended the year on a high note with its newest and biggest tournament concept that saw the participation of more than 50 professionals and beginners alike, hailing from the UAE and all over the world including UK, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Asia.

Fahad Al Tenaiji was named the winner of the highly anticipated Tasleeh Shooting Airsoft Tournament M.E. – the Survival of the Strongest; an awarding ceremony that capped the airsoft facility’s three-day competition and mini exhibition.

Inspired to be a real-life video game or action film scenario, Survival of the Strongest follows the pursuit of an infantry solider in a top-secret mission to retrieve a secret file that holds the key to saving the world. Al Tenaiji, an avid airsoft enthusiast, completed the course in only 1 minute and 58 seconds. Following the winning route is Khalat, with a 2 minute and 14 second record, and Nawad, who finished under 2 minutes and 16 seconds. Another player to highlight is Max, an airsoft professional and founder of the biggest and only company to host airsoft events in Germany, who flew all the way to the UAE to attend the tournament. He commented, “We are delighted to be invited by Tasleeh Shooting to become a part of the final tournament of the year, and to witness what the country has in store for airsoft. We commend the team for conceptualizing such unique obstacle that fits not only professionals, but is also a great learning point for beginners in training. “

Salem Al Matroushi, CEO of Tasleeh Group commented, “We are truly honored to receive praises from our players, participating companies and mall visitors who found the concept very fresh and out of the box. Enthusiasts can look forward to a bigger Tasleeh Shooting for the next year, with bigger tournaments, new concepts and exciting prizes waiting.”

Ayman Al Hashmi, Branch Manager of Tasleeh Shooting – Yas Mall and The Mall at World Trade Center, Abu Dhabi said, “As a year-ender, we aimed to bring video game action to life in a challenging, yet educational and safe venue. At the same time, we wanted to open the opportunity of attracting companies and mall-goers to see what airsoft is and how it works.”

During the extravaganza which took place from 26-28 December, over 400 mall patrons flocked the Tasleeh station where they were able to marvel at an impressive portfolio of products, new promotions, and exclusive discounts available at the Festive Mini Exhibition. Among the participating companies were Swiss Watch House, Personal20 Electro, Fitness Studio, Speed Women Fitness Club, Adventure HQ, Sharjah Sheraton Hotel, Forever Living, Marames Honey, Collector Group, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Al Prince Golden Mobile Phones, IMG World, Holiday Inn, Time Grand Plaza Hotel, Canadian Medical Center, Salek Advertising, Armed Forces Cooperative Society, The Oberoi, Emirates Grand Hotel and Torn Fitness, whose also had representatives partaking the thrilling tournament.

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