What To Watch Out For in 2018 at Tasleeh Shooting

Tasleeh Shooting is ready to bring the best of the airsoft sport to the streets of Abu Dhabi as it eyes to unveil a roster of tournaments and products this 2018.

“The Year of Zayed will be a year of harnessing opportunities in the country and abroad for Tasleeh Shooting,” said Ayman Al Hashmi, Branch Manager of Tasleeh Shooting – Yas Mall and The Mall at World Trade Centre Abu Dhabi in an exclusive interview. “Different kinds of expansions are in the works, which includes additions to our services, products, as well as competitions which we will launch throughout 2018.”

Al Hashmi goes further, mentioning two major tournaments that Tasleeh Shooting will be hosting. The first major event will be the first UAE qualifier for the Military Simulator (MilSim) Training in Germany, a 48-hour training camp which will take place in May. Another noteworthy event for airsoft professionals will be the UAE qualifier for the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) Action Air, a five-day international competition which is set in June in Hong Kong.

Apart from competitions targeted for professional players, Tasleeh Shooting’s branches at Yas Mall and The Mall at World Trade Centre Abu Dhabi will also see seasonal tournaments such as summer, spring, Ramadan and National Day competitions in selected months.

He said, “Other than our categorized tournaments, we will be launching new concepts for our competitions that are open for all – professionals and beginners alike to make sure that everyone can experience the sport. We are also looking in to a future collaboration with public and private companies, as well as universities and colleges to open a tournament specifically for their respective companies.”

What’s more, birthday parties are made special with Tasleeh Shooting as they will be bringing the airsoft action to each home. Al Hashmi explained, “This will be an exciting new offer for children as young as five years old who wishes for an airsoft-themed party. Whether they are living in an apartment or villa, our team can work their way through building an extensive shooting range that are not only enjoyable, but also filled with learning for families.”

“Tasleeh Shooting aims to represent a growing passion for airsoft among residents, citizens and tourists here in the UAE. We pride ourselves as a state of the art airsoft facility where people can discover the sport in a safe environment and become equipped with the right knowledge regarding the sport. We look forward to seeing professionals, avid enthusiasts, as well as new faces in the months to come.” concluded Al Hashmi.

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