Investigating 3 Of The Most Promising Bitcoin Alternatives For 2018

Investors may be unable to make up their minds over the longevity of cryptocurrency, but it’s hard to doubt the incredible earnings of all of the savvy investors that have jumped on board over the last few years. That said, a lot of the success stories stem from those who were investing right from the beginning. It’s easy to assume that it’s simply too late to get in on the craze by now, especially as it gains more and more mainstream notoriety. If you are still on the fence about buying or mining Bitcoin in UAE you can read this guide about how to do it right:

Regardless, new forms of digital currency are being crafted all the time. While the most prevalent options such as bitcoin have developed to the point that buying in now feels like a higher risk, others that are still on the rise may still show promise. Here are a few notable examples to look out for in 2018:

  • NEM

Despite a prior stagnation, the value of NEM has risen to about five times what it was worth in October of 2017. It’s not as cheap as it was at that point now, but a single NEM token is almost equal to a single US dollar as of now. Considering the soaring prices of single bitcoins at this point, $1 for a token is undoubtedly an amazing deal.

It’s also worth noting that NEM also has a notably reliable blockchain. On one hand, you have options like Ripple that have earned plenty of favor given its ability to offer easier settlements and transactions overall. However, NEM is completely scalable. It can be adapted to a number of different applications.

  • Steem

Steem truly stands alone in the current cryptocurrency zeitgeist. Steem coin is used to power the blockchain based social media platformed known as Steemit. All of its users essentially work together to create and manage content. This includes a rather thorough voting system that rewards the authors and moderators alike with tokens. All tokens that are earned can then be transferred to “steem dollars” or “steem power”. Given the strong focus on user interaction, there’s a good chance this one is really going to take off.

  • Stellar

Stellar currently trades for just a bit less than 50 cents per token. This may cause a lot of people to assume the worst of it, making an investment now potentially profitable down the road. Stellar used an impressively fast blockchain that can finish transactions in a matter of seconds. It can also be connected with flat currencies, offering the chance to make easy exchanges with a number of different currencies.

Investing in cryptocurrency at this point is still risky overall given the speculative nature of the medium. You shouldn’t take the recommendations above (or those of any other) as gospel by any means. You may still want to consult with a professional financial advisor before making any final decisions on the matter or maybe to invest in Bitcoin IRA as well. If you would like to get more information about Bitcoin IRA investment you should read Mineweb’s latest post here:

The market may change at any moment, so always be sure to proceed with caution.