Dubai continues its rise up the city innovation index

In recent years, Dubai has been ascending the city innovation index, and it has now reached 14th place. This is largely due to this city’s improvement in its private sector skills, and in its scores for talent. For example, as a whole, innovation in the private sector in Dubai has improved 3%. The city innovation index, which is produced with the help of PwC ( PricewaterhouseCoopers) placed Dubai over cities such as Berlin, Madrid, and Shanghai. Nevertheless, there is still work to do if it wants to ascend even further and beat cities such as New York and London to the very top spots.

Business in Dubai: commitment to innovation 

It is clear that the businesspeople of Dubai are great innovators. Indeed, in the recent survey, it was found that 92% of businesspeople in the city agreed that formulating an innovative business plan was essential to success. Ideas were buzzing in the city about how best to innovate in today’s changing business world, particularly as UAE entered into Innovation Month.

Working in partnership for innovation in Dubai

The future of innovation in Dubai, reports, and studies have found, is likely to lie in the ability of businesses to work in partnership with other professionals. Education professionals are one example of this, and so many innovative businesses in Dubai have determined to forge stronger links both with local educational institutions and with tech companies so that they can create a set of symbiotic relationships between education and business, research and tech, and so on, that will be mutually beneficial for all parties concerned. Will it enable Dubai to rise even higher on the next city innovation index? That remains to be seen, so look out for the next PricewaterhouseCoopers report.

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