Jalboot Holdings LLC looks to expand beyond the shores of the UAE

Having firmly established itself in the local market, Jalboot Holdings LLC sets its sights on international growth prospects

The UAE marine industry is thriving, currently positioned as the second largest in the world, after China. This boom in trade has led to the local market gradually maturing, with clientele looking further than only acquiring boats, now taking into account quality and configurations.

This advantageous market situation has been the driving force behind Jalboot Holdings LLC’s success in the past year of operations. The positive outlook was further boosted by Jalboot’s recent participation in the Dubai International Boat Show 2018, leading to the demand for products and potential sales almost doubling. The popular marine solutions provider shared an extensive understanding of its subsidiaries, Jalboot Tours, Jalboot Marine Services and its latest addition i-Yacht Middle East, during interactions with key members of the market such as representatives from the international and B2B sectors.

In addition to accommodating for the ever-growing demand in the UAE market, Jalboot has been on the receiving end of demand for both its vessels and services in other areas across the globe. Having been conceptualised and founded in Abu Dhabi, the water transport and leisure service was quick to notice that it was more than capable of taking on board additional business from the wider reaches of the region. Despite having a relatively small team when compared to competitors, through dedication and a strong working ethos, the firm has been able to successfully handle its rapid rise through the ranks of the industry.

As a result, Jalboot Holdings LLC is not only looking to achieve the status of a turn-key solution company in the marine industry, but has also been actively pursuing international growth prospects since 2017. Target locations include the Gulf region due to its position in global markets going from strength to strength, and the island nation of Maldives, as it requires a multitude of marine services and vessels, given that its GDP depends primarily on tourism.

“With the country’s strong trade relations and ever-expanding economy, the UAE marine services industry is flourishing, despite fierce competition from both local and international counterparts. Rather than shying away from this competition, Jalboot sees these to be conditions we work best in, as they provide incentive to constantly innovate and further heighten the impeccable quality of our services”, says Mohamed Shaik Roestali, CEO of Jalboot Marine Services LLC.