How Can You Make Your PPC Campaign Work?

In a recent news feature published by BBC, using free SEO tools and resorting to PPC or pay per click advertising were named as some of the most cost effective ways of making your presence felt in the online marketplace. As specialists like Nenen, dealing with PPC marketing in Dubai, will explain, pay per click marketing is when a website owner pays Google for showcasing advertisements on relevant websites. When your advertisement is clicked on, you pay a CPC or cost per click to Google.

Although implementing a PPC strategy may seem simple, it is essential to engage a specialist for pay per click in Dubai to ensure that the campaign is effective. We look at some of the ways in which your search engine marketing agency can devise a successful pay per click marketing strategy.

Chalking out a Successful PPC Strategy

  1. Begin by creating the right goals for your strategy: Before creating a strategy, you need to understand your target audience. When selecting keywords, you need to understand the terms your target audience will use for their needs. The content on the landing page should be aligned with your keywords. Try to place yourself in the shoes of your visitors and create content and keywords they would be using. You should also have a fair understanding of what outcome you are looking for and how you would measure the success of your PPC campaign.
  2. Create a simple structure: You need to begin by creating ad groups with a tight theme, coupled with a handful of keywords. Revisit your keywords over and over again and ensure that your advertisement text contains keywords that are relevant. Always keep in mind that you will need to manage and monitor your campaign effectively on a regular basis. Therefore, it would be extremely important to create a basic campaign structure that is manageable and intuitive. This will allow you to identify inefficiencies and efficiencies.
  3. Use Google Adwords: Be smart about using the Google network to your advantage. If you engage a service provider who specialises in Google Adwords in Dubai, he will be able to help in doing things right. Opting out of Google Display Network would perhaps be the most suited practise for you, especially if you have just started off. This is because this network will be splashing your ad across several sites and lead to a huge number of imprints. In this way, your budget is likely to be depleted very fast. Besides, your visibility on Google will be compromised. The display network can only be effective when you have a handful of carefully picked keywords and have managed to create an ad text that is befitting for this kind of placement. However, you will need to garner some initial learnings and then revisit your strategy once again for success.

Another simple yet effective way to ensure that your PPC campaign works is by making local searches more effective. Adwords provide options that are specific to language targeting and ad scheduling. You need to use them judiciously.