Startup: Mr. ESP 1, Your Exclusive Brainwave Equipment

Mr. ESP is a recently launched smart headset that contains sensors to detect brain-wave. This smart device has been designed to offer consumers with the capability to control a range of different items or objects using their brain waves eliminating the requisite for outdated controllers. It allows you to control everything with your mind. Moreover, the device could also improve brain’s potential. It uses highly advanced expertise to help users calm down and focus better to improve efficiency at work or better learning.

The Mr. ESP is also appropriate for individuals who want to boost their meditation sessions by monitoring their brain motion to keep themselves on track during practice.

Featuring Bluetooth connectivity and an ergonomic design, the smart headset will provide more than five hours of usage per charge and has an open source hardware design that enables it to be compatible with a wide range of devices including video games. It usually harnesses the power of the video gamer brainwaves instead of using traditional controller abilities.

The open source suite is for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, NodeMCU and Omega2. You can also use the open source hardware to make your Brain-Computer Interface application (BCI). The Brain-Computer Interface enables direct communication between the brain and ESP.

Focusing on research and development is the only means of remaining on the top of technological development.

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