Startup: LILOOTECH Smart glasses

LILOOTECH Smart glasses comes with a unique wireless bone conduction technology that helps the user to safely receive calls and notifications using sound waves technology. These Smart glasses represent the next generation of connected devices technology.

This product is a hands-free device enhanced by the latest technology which allows the user to operate the device while engaging in their normal duties uninterrupted such as driving or even outdoor biking. This device allows the user to search for information easily using hands-free. This product gives the user a chance to discover a new experience when using portable devices such as the laptop.

This product is water resistant and lightweight which makes it convenient. This device enables the user to listen to their favorite music, radio as well as podcast in total privacy with no interference to the immediate surroundings.

These LILOOTECH glasses come in either the polarized design or the traditional prescription glasses. This device is designed to give the user a stylish look yet they have a high performance. This product has a micro USB charging port and uses a simple and fast charging system yet offers a long-lasting usage. These glasses boast strong and almost unbreakable frames which incorporates Japanese technology and Bluetooth navigation.

This product has a new system for sound optimization as well as volume control while allowing the user to easily receive calls via the arms of the frame. LILOOTECH Smart glasses are designed to welcome the user into the future of connected devices.