Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award: IDEMIA Awarded As The Company Of The Year In The Global Biometric Authentication Solutions Market

What is Biometrics, and particularly, what role is it playing in the world today? Well, for starts, Biometrics refers to the application of statistical analysis on biological data. In the world today, the biological data in people that are used for identity verification has for a long time been fingerprints which are unique to every human.

However, other parts of the body such as the iris or even the face have similar potential. Nowadays, technology has completely revolutionized how identity verification is viewed and perceived. A catchphrase “only you can be you” is echoed by IDEMIA, which is now considered the leading company in the Global Biometric Authentication Solutions Market.

Their innovations are widespread and you can find them in airports and corporate organizations. Frost and Sullivan, which is a company that analyzes innovative inventions has publicly acknowledged that the Biometric solutions offered by IDEMIA’s relentless research, are well ahead of our time. As a matter of fact, the Frost and Sullivan’s 2017 Global Biometric Authentication Solutions Market Company of the year award is recognition for visionary innovation, which is one of the core factors considered in selecting the winner.

The second factor is the performance and customer impact. It seems that the accuracy of IDEMIA’s cutting-edge technologies in the Global Biometric Authentication Solutions Market is set to continue, well at least according to Jean-Christophe Fondeur, its Executive vice-president.