Hawkamah announces the hosting of its 12th annual conference with a focus on technology

Hawkamah, The Institute for Corporate Governance, held a press conference at Dubai International Financial Centre to announce the hosting of its 12th annual conference on April 30 at Palace Downtown Dubai. Hawkamah CEO, Dr. Ashraf Gamal El-Din, officially revealed the theme for 2018 – “Navigating Transformation and Disruptions: Overcoming Governance Challenges”– and highlighted that the focus will be on corporate governance in the new era of technology within businesses. A host of regional and international industry experts, including HE Hamad Buanim – President & CEO of Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Chairman of Hawkamah, HE Mohammed Al Shehhi – Undersecretary for Economic Affairs in the UAE Ministry of Economy, Dr. Ahmad bin Hassan Al Shaikh – Chairman of Ducab, Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin – Senior Vice President, World Bank, Lino Cattaruzzi – Managing Director, Google and Sophie L’Helias – Board Member, Kering (France), will spearhead six panel sessions as well as round-table discussions, sharing critical insights into active corporate roles to achieve the optimal positive impact by unrelenting technological advances.

With the aim of a dynamic governance to ensure a sustainable investment on innovation, key topics will include the governance of businesses in this technological era, the challenges and potential opportunities for companies, the reconciliation of the demands of innovation with risk, the vital tools for continued innovation and the corporate strategies to align incentives, resources and strategies. In line with the vision of Hawkamah CEO, Dr. Ashraf Gamal El-Din, the 2018 conference is designed to examine business decision-making and will be the beacon that sets the tone for future corporate governance. “Today’s world is characterized by the exponential rate of change at which technological innovations are disrupting businesses and society,” said Dr. Ashraf. “This is altering traditional competitive dynamics in virtually every industry, compelling companies to evolve, adapt or perish. Companies will not only need to re-think their business models but also their governance practices to ensure that their boards are creating the conditions in which innovation will strive while ensuring that the new risks are properly managed.”

The conference will further act as a platform for an intellectual sharing of thoughts and good practices and highlight Hawkamah’s deep-rooted belief that boards will need to play a crucial role in making the strategic decisions and ethical choices to manage the dynamic tensions between the pace of development and preserving traditions. This belief is reiterated in its exclusive director development programmes which grapple with how directors oftentimes maximize competing interests of shareholder and stakeholder value. With the exciting participation from the most brilliant minds in business, the 2018 Hawkamah conference looks set to critically challenge current governance norms and practices, and provide fresh outlooks, ingenious ideas, and implementable solutions. Discuss. Debate. Innovate.