Latvia, UAE Initiates Strategic Ties in Trade Relations and Tourism

Latvia sets forth to promote its strong relations with the UAE. In an exclusive interview, Her Excellency Astra Kurme, Latvian Ambassador to the UAE marks Latvia’s centennial anniversary of independence, acknowledging 100 years of its tremendous progress, political stability and economic growth that mirrors the Year of Zayed commemoration, celebrating 100 years of the late Sheikh Zayed, the visionary and founding father of the UAE.

The opening of the Latvian embassy in Abu Dhabi and the opening of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Latvia has intensified the bi-lateral relations between the two countries significantly in the tourism sector, offering remarkable sightseeing opportunities, culinary diversity and a new ground for strategic investments. Since the commencement of direct flights from Latvia to Abu Dhabi through Air Baltic Airlines, there has been an increased number of visitors from the UAE, bringing in new promises for tourism infrastructure and investment opportunities.

Her Excellency Astra Kurme, Latvian Ambassador to the UAE, said, “Through these advancements we hope to bring in more UAE tourists to Latvia, in turn engaging interest from the country’s travel companies. Figures have shown that Latvia has been a very successful destination for Emiratis to spend their summer vacation in, enjoying the clear crisp air, beautiful nature while indulging in fresh organic food.”

Latvia has been providing great opportunities for investors and joint ventures from the UAE and the rest of the GCC region bringing in huge opportunities for Agro-businesses which is integral to further market success and profitability. The trade volume between the United Arab Emirates and Latvia has increased 20% – 30% in a year. Producing organic food, halal certified meat, and grain, which is one of the most important part of their export.

In the nearest future, Latvia aims to develop a strong IT sector to assist in supporting new industry platforms following world trends which are required and widely appreciated in the developing markets in the Gulf region.