Compact and simple travel hoodie

The Compact Travel Hoodie occupies about as much space as a T-shirt that is rolled up; however, it still keeps the body warm during cold weather. It is proving to be a game changer in light packing and can be worn out through the year devoid of being washed.

It is the most versatile and high-performance hoodie you will ever possess. The Unbound Merino Compact Travel Hoodie will alter the manner you travel everlastingly. When this hoodie was being designed, we skipped the multiple zippers and frivolous pockets gimmicks that you get on numerous “travel” hoodies.

As an alternative, we chose a sleek, minimalist and timeless design. This presents you with a hoodie with all the needed features and looks great anywhere. The hoodie can be worn for weeks or even months – with no need for washing.

Which implies you can ditch the large suitcase since all that is needed is your backpack. This newest addition is a must-have for all excursions, an ultralight hoodie completed from nature’s high-performance industrial fabric – Merino wool.