The most dominant pocket PC in the globe

The mini PC is the planet’s most dominant 5″ smallest computer with a desktop version of Windows 10 and a 128GB SSD. Maximize your efficiency wherever you go with this fantastic pocket-sized powerhouse! Mini PC offers you full functionality of a desktop computer in an adaptable handheld gadget-complete with processing power, programs and all ports that you require to run at full capacity.

The mini PC has the capability of a desktop computer and can also play games. It is made compact for decisive portability and complete with aspects to make it impressively versatile, you will always get all the usefulness of a computer right in your pocket.

The mini PC is run on a Windows 10 version which means all your Windows programs can be run without any hindrance. USB-C, USB, blue tooth and HDMI ports mean all peripherals such as external drives and monitors can easily be added.

The mini-PC comprises a foldable Bluetooth keyboard which is wireless. Anytime you want to work pull it out and unfold. It is an entirely portable keyboard which does not cramp your fingers. The battery life of the mini PC is 6 hours.