From Global FMCG Brands to the Local Hospitality Industry this Team is Ready to WOW Meet the Team on a Mission to Take GCC Brands to the Next Level

Tad Network Communications and KT Alignment Announce Partnership
Together, this World-Class Team is Ready to Expand their Reach and Enhance their Solutions

DUBAI – As of 1st of May, KT Alignment, advertising agency specializing in the hospitality industry, and Tad Network Communications, an agency specializing in sales promotion and corporate events management for international FMCG brands, joined efforts to enhance advertising and sales promotion beyond borders and industries.

“This joint venture unites a tailored creative approach with the resourcefulness, experience, and capacity to execute big multi-industry projects”, said Kat Gaidukova, KT Alignment’s founder, “it’s a promising step and I am very excited to share the great news.”

As a 300+ employee agency with presence around the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, KSA and Qatar, Tad Network Communications works with leading FMCG brands including Fortune 500 companies. “We immediately recognized the opportunities that could arise from this partnership. Looking ahead, we plan to expand existing services, start new synergetic ventures and reach new heights together”, said Johan Meyfroidt, Tad Network Communications’ General Manager.

Clients can expect a reenergized and resourceful team ready to take projects and brands to the next level. Nonetheless, no structural changes will take place and the tailored creative approach, unmatched quality, and dedication will remain unchanged.

About Tad Network Communications

Established in 2006, Tad Network Communications has become a leading company specializing in sales promotion and corporate events management for international FMCG brands. With a solid portfolio of services and a proven track record, Tad Network Communications has built strong relationships with global brands, local retail chains, malls and government bodies in every GCC market to offer services that blend quality and efficiency.

About KT Alignment

Founded in 2009, KT Alignment is an advertising agency based in the United Arab Emirates that specializes in 360 advertising solutions. Having worked with international and regional 5-star hotel and resort brands, KT Alignment is the go-to advertising agency for a variety of top brands across the UAE and the GCC.